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With over 20 years of experience maintaining pools in Belleair, Clearwater, Dunedin, Gulfport, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Kenneth City, Largo, Madeira Beach, North Redington Beach, Oldsmar, Pinellas Park, Redington Beach, Redington Shores, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg, Seminole, South Pasadena, Tarpon Springs, and Treasure Island we are the right choice for your pool needs.

Intelliflo Green Pool Pumps from Pentair

Traditional pool pumps are notorious energy hogs. In fact, it's not unusual for a pump to consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined - often more than $100 per month. Fortunately, there is IntelliFlo VS-3050, a breakthrough innovation that's brimming with new technology to drastically reduce energy costs and provide many other benefits as well.

Two key technology innovations drive sensational energy savings with IntelliFlo VS-3050:

  • First, IntelliFlo uses an exclusive permanent magnet motor (used in hybrid cars) in place of a traditional induction motor. Permanent magnet motors are fundamentally more energy efficient and typically account for "base energy savings" of 30%.

  • Next, IntelliFlo includes a variable speed capability, along with digital controls and proprietary software that allow custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specif ic tasks - filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, waterfalls, etc. For virtually all applications, the optimum speed will be lower than the pre-set, unchangeable speeds of older pumps. Using slower speeds takes advantage of a fundamental pump law: by going slower, power consumption is reduced. In fact, when pump speeds are reduced by half, energy consumption is just one-eighth of what was previously used. The result is additional savings - potentially up to 90% compared to even so-called high efficiency single-speed, two-speed and multi-speed pumps.

The quietest pump on the planet: Thanks to its permanent magnet motor and the fact that it is a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) design, IntelliFlo is also the quietest pump ever built. At typical speeds you can barely notice it’s operating.

Longer life further increases return on your investment: IntelliFlo’s permanent magnet motor produces far less heat and vibration than traditional induction motors. This not only results in less stress and wear on pump components, but on other equipment, too. Also, built-in diagnostics protect IntelliFlo VS-3050 from the most common causes of premature pump failure - overheating, freezing, and voltage irregularities. The result is you can expect dramatically longer life and an even greater return on your investment.

Savings Specifics

  • At $.15/kwh estimated savings range from $620 to $1,360* per year
  • At $.20/kwh estimated savings range from $825 to $1,810* per year
  • At $.30/kwh estimated savings range from $1,240 to $2,710* per year

When you work with Clearwater Pool and Patio we treat your pool as if it were our own. We carry all the Pool and Spa Equipment and Accessories you need to help maintain your pool and spa.

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